How to Take Your Tradie Business From Where It Is… To Where You Want It To Be

The cutting edge business coaching program for Tradies that combines high level mentorship, strategic planning and focused accountability to create breakthrough results in your business and life. 

Empowering tradie business owners to… 

‘Earn More, Work Less and Create a Great Life’!

Most business owners are struggling on a day to day basis to get ahead because:

  • They say ‘yes’ to customers who waste their time
  • They undervalue the service that they deliver and therefore undercharge
  • They are in constant ‘firefighting’ mode where everything is urgent
  • They are unsure how to increase their profitability
  • They cannot effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to other team members

What does ‘Earn More, Work Less and Create a Great Life’ mean?

Over the past 10 years through working with, and training over 6,000 tradie business owners, ‘Earn More, Work Less and Create a Great Life’ means: 

  • Being able to pay off your home mortgage faster
  • Being able to travel overseas with your family and still generate profit from your business
  • Not working weekends
  • Being able to walk through the door and forget about work
  • Providing a lifestyle of choice for your family
  • Creating a business that can thrive without you
  • Being able to sleep with peace of mind knowing that you are making the right choices for your family’s future

Here is a breakdown of our Power Up Program… 

On-boarding Process:

  • Technical setup and walkthrough – Program Advisor
  • Welcome Call with Mentor and Accountability Coach
  • Introduction Coaching Call with Accountability Coach

Collateral and Tools:

  • Planning Process – 12 month & 90 day Action Plan development
  • Full Access to The CUBE software – Financial/Job Management/Planning
  • Technical CUBE Set Up – Accountability Coach (connecting accounting software and mapping)
  • Online E- Learning
  • Membership Site & Resource/Template Library

Accountability Process:

  • Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions – Mentor 
  • Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching Sessions (60-90 minutes) – Accountability Coach
  • Access to the coaching team when needed via email and phone


  • Understand your financials and have a clear line of sight
  • Understand Job Profitability
  • Have access to a huge list of templates (ex. expression of interest, cashflow analysis, hiring, etc)
  • Clarity on where you and the business is headed
  • Systemisation of marketing, productivity, staffing, sales