Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Matt Jones and Cube Performance…

“Before we met with Matt and Cube Performance, we felt stuck…”

“We knew what we were doing was not working but we didn’t know how to change or get out of it.

We were working with unprofessional people and putting in a lot of hours but not seeing a reward. We felt like we had no choice.

Matt made us pull our socks up!

The system we have implemented…is a formula that works and you need the commitment to see it through.

We now target and ‘choose’ our clients and manage our staff well. We have grown our business, grown business-minded and understand how important it is not to leave anything to chance. We now have control of our business and are now able to map out our destiny.

It has been great working with Matt and the Cube Performance team, the changes have been fantastic and with the both of us now on the ‘same page’ life is so much easier”.

Jeff & Amber Harnath

Directors, J&A Harnath Plumbing (Melbourne)

“…we’ve become more productive with our time, which in turn created more profit and more time for our family.”

“The business training course conducted by Matt changed the way we run our business, by implementing just a few ideas learned here, we’ve become more productive with our time, which in turn created more profit and more time for our family.

Now there’s more smiles on all our faces! After 2yrs of floating through thinking we were doing things right, it was helpful to see what our costs and profit margins actually were.

We are now able to predict our business and importantly more accurately adjust our charge out rate to ensure we generate profit. We now have a better handle on what our time is worth”.

Belinda Cutting

Director, Joel Cutting Plumbing (Coffs Harbour)

“I have to say to my colleagues to don’t underestimate the value of this information…”

“I would like to thank you for your time and the information you gave to my plumbing colleagues and myself on the 20 March 2013.

I must say I found this event to be of a very high standard as the topics you covered are invaluable when it comes to running your own business.

Typically though, the back office or financial implications is usually a topic that is often overlooked whilst businesses search for, or target work.

My previous experience as a Liquidator has demonstrated to me time after time how important it is to get the financials right, and I must say to have Reece sponsor and then encourage its customers to attend these events was actually a first for me, as I have never seen ANY suppliers do this before ever…..

As you are aware I provided a small insight on the night in regards to what happens when dealing with financiers, banks, lenders particularly from an insolvency viewpoint.

I was advised long ago that the best person to talk to when starting a business was a Liquidator as to put it frankly, they have seen it all and there are many lessons to learn from the various corporate collapses they have managed.

With the quality of the information Reece and you provided us, I have to say to my colleagues to don’t underestimate the value of this information particularly when you review your business and your ongoing operations”.

Philip Couper

Director, Site Services International

“I feel so much more in control and now believe I am at the helm of a young but thriving business…”

“I was lucky enough to be invited by Reece to attend a ‘Plumbers Business Training’ evening delivered by Matt Jones from Cube Performance.

In a short period of time, Matt was able to articulate in a clear and succinct way, the key points involved in planning and ‘knowing your numbers’ with respect to a business.

Matt explained the benefit of getting to a position where you feel you are in control of the financial part of your business.

I was amazed at the ‘tools’ that arrived in my ‘Inbox’ the following day.

I immediately took up the offer of some further training with Matt, focused on getting my accounts in order.

The result has been a huge leap in the level of my understanding of my accounting program, MYOB, a detailed budget and most importantly, a chart of accounts set up in such a way that I can drill down into all areas of my business to see where money is being made or lost.

I feel so much more in control and now believe I am at the helm of a young but thriving business, headed on a clear path to success in a number of ways”.

Tim Officer

Director, Tim Officer Plumbing (Perth)

“I’m so impressed at how quickly your processes dive into the heart of the issues.”

“We’ve both learnt so much already & we’ve only just started this journey of discovery & change.”

Megan & Stew Baulch

Baulch Plumbing (Sydney)

“The help has been immeasurable to our business…”

“With the professional guidance and direction given by the Cube Performance we have been able to take advantage of the recent economic crisis to redefine and shape our business goals, needs and market position.

Cube Performance provided us with the expert coaching we needed in order to analyse our current business shortfalls and strengths, as well as developing the appropriate tools, procedures and systems we needed in order to realise our future business goals and direction.

The help has been immeasurable to our business and has given us the opportunity to remain motivated and focussed during these tough economic times to ensure we are on top of our game within the ever changing construction and building industry.

Thank you for leading the way, so we can continue to drive and build our business forward to a more profitable and successful future”.

Brad Kane

Director, J&B Projects (Gold Coast)

“500% turnaround in profit…”

“We went through rapid growth…during this period we had limited systems, limited knowledge…we had a lot of sleepness nights.

What was the big turnaround for us was when we engaged Matt Jones and Cube Performance…

We found Matt really understood us and became a partner…we sat down and worked out what we needed to do in a clearly defined strategy.

Matt set some KPIs for our business and our team. We are now sitting here today with a massive turnaround…500% turnaround in profit…

Now we have a dedicated team, the business is fully systemised…through partnering with Cube Performance we achieved some great goals that allows us peace of mind and we couldn’t be happier…thank you very much for all your efforts”.

Craig Markham

CEO and Director, Fit Services Australia (Sydney)

“…I wanted to spend more time with the family and to grow the business…”

“I started the Impact Program 2 months ago after attending two courses delivered by Matt Jones of Cube Performance.

My reasons for working with Matt was that I wanted to spend more time with the family and to grow the business.

Even so, I was hesitant at first about making that first step to change. I was not sure about what to expect and whether it would be beneficial.

It has only been two months into the program but I have got my head in the right space and I am now more business oriented.

Matt is easy to communicate with and has been there and really does understand my business. He is honest about what needs to be done – it is the only way to fix things and get results!

We have now done the legwork and starting to see results! I would highly recommend Matt and Cube Performance to change your mindset, become more business oriented and get results”.

Craig Stauner

Directors, CMS Plumbing Pty Ltd (Sydney)

“…we wanted to have control over the company and the direction it was heading…”

“We attended two training courses delivered by Matt Jones of Cube Performance and had no hesitation in signing up for the Impact Coaching Program with Matt.

Our reasons for working with Matt was that we wanted to have control over the company and the direction it was heading including invoicing, accounting, advertising and ultimately grow the company.

We also wanted to spend more time with the family. It has only been three months into the program but we can see the benefits already. We have reaffirmed our thinking, our goals and what we wanted to achieve.

Matt is easy to talk to and easy to understand and having a trade background definitely makes it a lot easier.

I would highly recommend Matt and Cube Performance if you really want to get your goals defined, get everything set up and know support is there if you need it.

Ben Hern

Directors, Reactive Plumbing Pty Ltd (Sydney)

“…this is the first time we have received solid business advice.”

“I first met Matt through a business training workshop and what he was saying struck a nerve – a good analogy is the hamster on a wheel not going anywhere – which is exactly how I felt.

I enjoy what I do, like working for myself but if I want to make a living I knew I had to change things.

At the start I was a little hesitant about the investment but after I spoke to Matt and looked into what is involved it was worth it – I could see it was going to benefit the business and end up saving me money.

My main challenges causing me stress were cash flow and a lack of understanding of business – this is the first time we have received solid business advice.

I am now more confident with knowing what I have to do to stay afloat and I now have a completely different mind set in how I run the business.

Before I was trying to keep everyone happy and pay the bills – but at the end of the day if I am not working for more than a wage it’s not worth it. This has been a reality check and has given us a clearer picture of the future. Matt is very approachable and easy to relate to with his trade background.

I know I can always contact Cube Consulting and ask what should I do – it’s great knowing you have that support. Matt says you need to have people around you who are partners in your business and Cube Consulting are that – reliable, accessible and nothing is too hard for them.

We are very very happy and see Cube Consulting as an asset to our business. I would highly recommend them to any business.”

Stuart Paynter

SBP Plumbing (Gloucester)

“Matt and the Cube team implemented detailed financial accounts structure and recording process…”

“Prior to working with Matt and Cube Performance over the past two years we were unable to monitor how we were financially trading on a month to month basis so it was difficult to make business decisions due to a lack of accurate, detailed information.

Matt and the Cube team implemented detailed financial accounts structure and recording process’, which in addition to Matt’s ongoing financial guidance we now have accurate, real time information so we now feel confident that we are in complete control of our business.

Cube Performance also guided us through the minefield of changing all of our then subcontractors onto a full time employee basis.

With the knowledge and systems provided the process was seamless, thank you”.

Melissa Hunt

Director, Prompt Tree Service (Sydney)

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