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Designed for the Tradies, by Former Tradie, Olympic Coach and Business Performance Authority, Matthew Jones

“Matt Jones continually provides me with insights & learnings into how I can become a more effective leader.

…I recommend Matt and Cube Performance to any organisation or leader looking to improve performance.”

Michael Maguire

NRL Premiership Winning Coach 2014

The national Plumbers Business Training has been extremely well received and it is a credit to you how you have developed the business program and business tools. The positive feedback and response from the training has exceeded Reece’s expectations in delivering a key differentiator within the industry, well done and great work” 

Adam Watson

Business Development Manager, Reece Plumbing Australia

“I deal with many Business Advisors from around the world.

To me Matt Jones stands above the pack as a first class advisor and one that I would trust to give me advice”.

Peter Hickey

CEO, Maus Business Systems

How to Build a Tradie Business that SERVES You!

Since 2007, Cube Performance has been helping tradies create businesses to generate financial wealth, to attract great team members and customers, and importantly to provide a lifestyle of choice for their family.

Led by Matthew Jones, a highly successful tradie himself and Australian Olympic coach, he’s helped over 6,000 Aussie Tradies take their business and lifestyle to a whole new level.

Take advantage of the powerful free resources on this website. And be sure to request your free business assessment call to uncover the quickest path for you to reach your biggest goals this year.

Popular Episodes –

Client Success Stories

Episode 17 – Stop Working at Night – Get Off the Tools

“I thought the more I was on the tools the more cash I would have. I was doing all the admin from 7 to 10 at night, and everything was done very poorly. I would be wired so I couldn’t switch off to get to sleep because I would be thinking about what I have just been doing for the past 3 hours.” Jason Hobson – Perth Air & Power Solutions

Episode 14 – Why Cutting Clients Helps Grow Your Business

“It’s been great. The boys know that we no longer do residential or commercial building, it’s just the commercial maintenance. They know where they’re going and it’s slowed down, everything is a lot slower. We’ve got more time to concentrate on what we’re doing and they’re loving it. The focus has completely changed improving client satisfaction resulting in a 500% increase in reviews.”  Paul Wilkinson – PBR Plumbing

Trusted by these national partners to train and educate their tradie business owner customers on how to operate more professionally and profitably.


A Blueprint for Success

Finally, a book demystifying business to provide tradies with a highly profitable and proven ‘Blueprint for Success’.

Here what our readers have to say:

“I read Matthews book Power Up Your Tradie Business. The information, insights, tips and tools I received from the book was more valuable to me than a $10,000 course I did with another company. I recommend this book for any business owner wanting to improve their personal and business performance.” Adam Hasanovic

"Absolutely loved the book. It has changed my life." Nathan Hume

“The book is great. I re-read it over the holidays. Every time I read a chapter I find something else. It is like Matthew has a crystal ball and can read inside my head. The stats from other business owners gives me great comfort knowing that I am not alone.”  Tim Fisher

"The book was great, once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It has made me excited for the future of my business." Marc Leake



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5 Steps to Building a Winning Team – Get Team Engaged

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The Power of Tiny – How to Increase Profits

The Power of Tiny – How to Increase Profits

Please read this - too many tradie business owners think that to get ahead financially they need to sell more and do more. However this is incorrect most of the time. Why? Because doing more (pouring more into the top of the bucket) will not increase personal...

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Winter is Part of Business – It Doesn’t Last Forever

Winter is Part of Business – It Doesn’t Last Forever

With the current pandemic consuming most people’s attention, there are some who are focusing on a ‘reset’ in preparation for the opportunity that will present on the other side. We always state the ‘only constant in business is change’. This is no different. It is...

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Here’s What Others Are Saying…

“Before we met with Matt and Cube Performance, we felt stuck – we knew what we were doing was not working but we didn’t know how to change or get out of it. We were working with unprofessional people and putting in a lot of hours but not seeing a reward. We felt like we had no choice. Matt made us pull our socks up! The system we have implemented…is a formula that works and you need the commitment to see it through. We now target and ‘choose’ our clients and manage our staff well. We have grown our business, grown business-minded and understand how important it is not to leave anything to chance. We now have control of our business and are now able to map out our destiny. It has been great working with Matt and the Cube Performance team, the changes have been fantastic and with the both of us now on the ‘same page’ life is so much easier”

Jeff & Amber Harnath

Directors, J&A Harnath Plumbing (Melbourne)

“We went through rapid growth…during this period we had limited systems, limited knowledge…we had a lot of sleepness nights. What was the big turnaround for us was when we engaged Matt Jones and Cube Performance…we found Matt really understood us and became a partner…we sat down and worked out what we needed to do in a clearly defined strategy…Matt set some KPIs for our business and our team. We are now sitting here today with a massive turnaround…500% turnaround in profit…now we have a dedicated team, the business is fully systemised…through partnering with Cube Performance we achieved some great goals that allows us peace of mind and we couldn’t be happier…thank you very much for all your efforts”

Craig Markham

CEO and Director, Fit Services Australia (Sydney)

“We attended two training courses delivered by Matt Jones of Cube Performance and had no hesitation in signing up for the Impact Coaching Program with Matt. Our reasons for working with Matt was that we wanted to have control over the company and the direction it was heading including invoicing, accounting, advertising and ultimately grow the company. We also wanted to spend more time with the family. It has only been three months into the program but we can see the benefits already. We have reaffirmed our thinking, our goals and what we wanted to achieve. Matt is easy to talk to and easy to understand and having a trade background definitely makes it a lot easier. I would highly recommend Matt and Cube Performance if you really want to get your goals defined, get everything set up and know support is there if you need it”

Ben Hern

Directors, Reactive Plumbing Pty Ltd (Sydney)