For the 7 years I operated my plumbing business during the 1990’s I always asked the following questions:

1. Am I actually making money?
I am working hard on a lot of jobs but still no money in the bank at the end of the year!

2. What should my charge out rate be?
Am I charging enough today to ensure I can have a holiday & only work 40 hours a week!

3. Which type of work generates the most profit?
Where do I focus my marketing energy & investment to ensure I make the most money!

In the end I couldn’t accurately answer these questions!

For me, to answer these questions, I had to make the HARD decision to shut the business and embark on a 17 year journey of university study, delivering budgets in corporate boardrooms, and assisting over 1,000 tradie business owners!

Now from my experience, I would like to share with you the NUMBER 1 factor separating long term success or failure in business always come down how well the business owner knows their financial numbers – what we call your FINANCIAL SCORECARD!

‘Knowing and Interpreting’ the Financial Scorecard allows successful business owners to quickly say NO to a job – they don’t have to procrastinate wasting time thinking ‘oh should I do it or should I not do it’?

Knowing your Financial Scorecard removes guessing – remember ‘Guessing is Gambling’ when it comes to making business decisions.

To help you get started with setting up, and more importantly how to interpret your Financial Scorecard we have developed the ‘Impact Program’ program.

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Cheers Matt Jones