Whether it be sport, business, or life, those who have achieved great success have aimed high with their goals.

At Cube Consulting Group we speak with countless business owners who are frustrated by their lack of perceived business success.

Our research findings over the past decade show the number one reason businesses fail to achieve big success is due to small thinking.

To achieve big success you must first think big.
Thinking big will ensure you aim big with your goals, motivating you to invest in big activities.
Investing in big activities will ensure you begin to prepare your business for success.

Instead of waiting for success to come knocking on your door, you are preparing to go out and make success happen.

To create big success incorporate the following big thinking into your daily life:

Big Thinking 1 – Aim Big

As a business owner you must think big and aim big.
This relates to your annual sales goals, profit per job goals, employee productivity per job goals, customer satisfaction goals, and importantly your cash flow goals.

To ensure you are aiming high enough with your goals I want you to think about this;

‘If people do not laugh at my goals, or question my goals,
then my goals are not big enough.’

You want the normal person to believe the goal is too big to achieve.

If they scoff at your goals with a “mate you are kidding yourself”, you know you have set a goal worth achieving.
Even if you do not reach your big goal, you will still achieve results far greater than those if you had aimed low.

This is a personal motto I have used throughout my life to achieve great success.

Big Thinking 2 – I Can Achieve This

A common trait of all successful people is having 100% belief they will achieve their goals.

Whether the goal is to win an Olympic gold medal, or make $1million dollars profit, successful people have a strong belief in their own ability to make it happen.

I guarantee you, if you do not believe you can achieve your big goals, you will fail due to a lack of action.

Thinking ‘I can achieve this’ will motivate you to start implementing big actions and activity on a daily basis.
The level of your daily actions and activity will determine your success.

The first big action is to find the right team (partners, coaches, experts, etc.) who have been there before.
Remember no one has ever achieved anything big alone.
You must have the right team to safely guide you through the danger zones along your journey.

Big Thinking 3 – Continual Improvement

Successful businesses drive a culture of continual improvement to ensure survival in the information age.

You must think continual improvement when setting your big goals.

Think how to increase the value currently delivered to your customers, team members and partners.

Everyone expects you to improve; what was innovative today will become expected tomorrow.

It is important, when setting continual improvement goals, to anticipate potential changes within your operating landscape.

You need to anticipate change within the ‘4 C’s’:

  1. Competition – new generation want to be in charge now.
  2. Customer – higher expectations with greater knowledge.
  3. Cloud – automation everyone expects it now.
  4. Compliance – changes to Taxation, Industrial Relations, and Work Health Safety.

Take Away:

  1. Think big to achieve big – aim high!
  2. Believe in yourself!
  3. Build a culture of continual improvement!
  4. Get More Excited About Your Business!


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