Pele, the greatest ever soccer player, said it best;

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance,
learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all,
love of what you are doing.”

I totally agree, every successful person I have come across in business or sport have understood that ‘success is no accident’.
Sustained success in business comes from applying the rules Pele stated every single day.
In this article I will review how these rules can be applied to your business, and how it will positively change your peformance and outcomes.

Too often we speak with business owners who blame their lack of success due to external factors out of their control.
These external factors include competitors pricing low, supplier high prices, customer high expectations, technology, changes in regulations, and so on. The difference is successful business owners; through applying the rules of success; primarily focus on the factors they can control.

Rule 1 – Working Hard at Working Smart

As a business owner within the construction industry you know all about working ‘hard’ in terms of blood sweet and tears; with often back breaking work and long hours. To be build a successful business however; that delivers financial reward for time and money invested; you must ensure you are also working ‘smart’. Working ‘smart’ requires adequate planning before jumping in to start a job, measurement of how much profit is actually made on each job, using software technology (operating in the cloud) to save time, and having a clear financial goal to keep you on track.


Rule 2 – Perseverance

Just because you get knocked back on a quote or you do not receive a response from a potential ‘ideal profitable customer’, doesn’t mean you give up. Perseverance means that you ‘proactively’ follow up these customers to schedule a meeting to discuss how you can deliver suitable solutions in the future. Successful owners invest time to get to know their ‘ideal profitable customers’ so they truly understand their problems.


Rule 3 – Learning & Studying

In life nothing stays the same, everything is either growing or dying. In a competitive business environment, successful operators know they must continually improve their service offering in order to maintain the value delivered to customers. The quickest way to learn and study is through your current networks such as customers, suppliers, industry bodies, and other successful business owners. Learn about the latest equipment, materials, and technology to hit the industry; study how others have been successful (learn from your mistakes); and importantly ask customers for their feedback.


Rule 4 – Sacrifice

In terms of building a successful business, the owner must sacrifice money by saying NO to customers and jobs that will not assist in achieving long term success. This means cutting poor customers that may be keeping you busy, however they are actually costing you money. To be successful you must therefore say NO to allow you to invest time learning and studying; for example, learn how you can attract and win profitable customers.


Rule 5 – Love What You Do

Unless you are prepared to follow the success rules stated above you will NOT love what you do. Why? Because you will be stuck on the ‘hamster wheel’ working hard but going nowhere. By way of applying the above rules you will start to achieve small wins which will generate excitement in terms of future possibilities. Ultimately people love what they are doing because they are progressing forward.


Take Away – Successful Business Owners:

  1. Work hard at working smart.
  2. Persevere knocking on profitable customer’s doors.
  3. Understand success leaves clues – follow successful operators and ask great questions.
  4. Understand short term pain for long term gain – say NO today.
  5. Love what they do because they are progressing daily.

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