Secret to our Success

Our vision is that every business should have the opportunity to be successful!

Our belief is with the right thinking, the right business information can be interpreted to make great decisions that will guarantee a profitable, sustainable business.

However, the stats show that many businesses fail due to a lack of planning, lack of financial awareness and limited managerial experience.

Cube Performance started from the struggles, founder, Matthew Jones experienced running his plumbing business during the 1990’s. After becoming trapped working hard, enslaved to the business with limited financial reward, Matthew shut up shop. After embarking on a 10-year journey to find the secrets to a successful business; through working in the corporate world, University, and research; in 2007 Cube Performance was born.

The Secret to Our Strong Track Record of Success!

  1. Customer First
    We exist to serve our clients. Client success stories are our fuel.
  2. Continual Improvement
    Significant annual investment is made to ensure our products, software and service continues to deliver unparalleled value and results for our clients.
  3. Proven 42-week Blueprint for Success Program
    With over 5,000 tradie business having used our proven 4-stage methodology, the Blueprint for Success program is designed to ‘power up’ business to dominate the market.
  4. ‘Cutting Edge’ The CUBE Business Intelligence Software Platform
    There is nothing that competes with The CUBE when it comes to making sense of your financial numbers. Simply, The CUBE notifies business owners what decisions to make to predict performance and guarantee awesome financial results.
  5. Entrusted to Increase Professionalism of the Entire Industry
    We are excited to be entrusted by companies such as Reece, Telstra, and Burson in partnering to train and educate their tradie customers how to operate business more professionally and profitably to ultimately lift the standard of the entire industry nationally.