Life is all about the follow-up. Especially when it comes to sales.

Sales will make or break a business. We all know this but over 90% of tradies do ZERO follow-up. Think about it… no follow-up at all. Not a call, an email, a SMS… nothing. Zilch!

Does that sound rational?

Think about the time and effort you put in to create the quote to begin with. Getting the enquiry, booking the visit, traveling and meeting the prospect, scoping the job, pricing and building it and finally sending the quote (usually late – but that’s a whole other article).

So after going through all the above, most guys don’t even make a single follow-up call. They don’t even check that the prospect received the quote, let alone go through it so the potential client has clarity across the project. They also don’t have the opportunity to explain why they charge more, or how they will execute the project, or reassure new prospects by taking them through similar projects and successes they’ve had for other clients.

And the worst thing about no follow-up?

Not having the ability to make sure that the prospect is comparing apples with apples, if they are looking at a few quotes. This is a killer. Without follow-up and explanation, the prospect just decides by price. They think they’re looking at exactly similar scopes but as we all know, they usually are not… so by not following up you immediately lose the ability to explain the differences and win the work.

Tradesmen just expect the job to land on its own. This is crazy. There is so much money sitting out there that just need a tiny bit of follow-up. I have had clients with literally millions of dollars of quotes outstanding and once they put into place a simple follow-up system, they’ve doubled their conversion rate but more importantly also their net profit. This is not rocket science. It is simple and easy to do.

So the major problem—you have no follow-up hustle.

I get it. You’re too busy. You have other problems. You don’t want to be a pain in the bum. We all want to avoid being annoying at the risk of getting rejected. The key is to keep it short and sweet yet remain persistent and consistent. You just need to develop a system, schedule it and stick with it.

My follow-up philosophy

I have a simple philosophy: I follow up as many times as necessary until I get a response. I don’t care what the response is as long as I get one. If someone tells me they need another 14 days to get back to me, I will put that in my calendar and ping them again in 14 days.

If they tell me they are busy and they don’t have time right now, I will respond and ask them when they feel like a good time would be for me ping them. The key here is to actually keep following up. If someone tells me they are not interested—I leave them alone.

Every trades based business should follow-up. That’s a fact. So the bottom line is to design a system that you can execute but more importantly you can stick to. This is critical. So many owners get keen, start following up, keep at it for a few weeks, but then get busy and drop the ball, and go back to their normal system (which is no system)!

So decide now to make it happen. Then create a simple system and cadence for your follow-up. Create a map of what it will look like. How many calls, how many emails and what is the frequency.

Keep it simple.

Most tradies can drastically increase their conversions by just running this simple system below:

  1. Email and/or SMS Quote – within promised timeframe (super important)


  2. Call Prospect 24 hours later – make sure they have received quote and check for any questions or set the next call to go through the quote in detail. Send an email if they don’t get the call.
  3. Call Prospect at agreed date to go through quote
  4. Repeat


It doesn’t have to be complex but the major trick is this…

Schedule it.

Put follow-up in your calendar like you would schedule a client meeting. Make sure it is in there every week.

If you haven’t heard of Parkinson’s Law, look it up.

It states that work will always fill the time available. We will always be busy, we will always be time poor… so you must schedule follow-up for it to work.

If you create a simple system and schedule the time to execute it, I guarantee you will make more money, be more productive and get some control back in your business life. Always remember that you’re in business to have the life you love so make sure your business doesn’t take this away. So get cracking today!

As always if you would like more strategies, tactics or techniques, book in for a call.