Matt here. You might be wondering what a Rubik’s Cube has to do with business?

You may or may not know that I have conducted hundreds of business workshops and assisted thousands of trade business owners over the last 8 years to become more business minded in order to profitably grow their businesses.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and educating trade business owners in how they can develop the business mindset. Having operated my plumbing business for 7 years in the 1990’s prior to gaining a Bachelor Degree in Business & Commerce while working in the Corporate World, I have experienced both sides of business life.

Knowing that 80% of businesses fail and a significant number of those being trade businesses, I was determined to assist as many tradies in business as possible.

It was clear to me after speaking to so many trade business owners that they are usually very good at their trade and at one or two areas of business but they needed assistance in gaining knowledge of the other areas of their business.

So, in 2014 I rebranded my business to Cube Consulting Group – to reflect the different sides (areas) of business that make up the whole – all of them working together to create a profitable and successful business.

The feeling you get when you take on the challenge of trying to solve a muddled Rubik’s Cube is not that dissimilar to the feeling you get when you want/try to get more control of your business – “this is going to be a near impossible feat!”

As the business owner you need have CONFIDENCE – to make the right decisions, employ the right people, choose the right clients, that you are making money and achieving your goals.

We can work with you to identify and unlock all the pieces that make up your business, understand how each piece contributes to your business’ success and make your business work better for you.

We believe in:

  • helping business owners to work smarter, not harder
  • business owners need a balanced approach to life – you only live once, so you have to make the most of your time
  • business should be simple and there is a way to make it easier
  • 90% of your success comes from confidence
  • business improvement comes from having the right systems in place and is a PROCESS.

As one of our clients puts it:
“I’m so impressed at how quickly your processes dive into the heart of the issues.
We’ve both learnt so much already & we’ve only just started this journey of discovery & change.”
Stew & Megan, Baulch Plumbing


As in a Rubik’s Cube, we believe in identifying and unlocking all the ‘pieces’ that make up your business and how each piece contributes to your business success.  We have had many businesses say “I just need to get more clients” or “I’ve got everything else sorted – I just need help with marketing”, but when we analyse their business and go through all the numbers of what the business is ACTUALLY costing to run, they may be charging out at a rate that is not profitable.  In simple terms, the more business they bring in, the more they lose money.

So, we always start with an analysis of your financials, calculate your appropriate charge out rates and pricing and make sure you have an understanding of your financial reporting. Then we work with ‘what if’ scenarios for business improvement.

Only then, do we start to work on your ‘brand’, your values and vision, your ideal client and how to communicate your message to that market.  We then work with you to develop your company documentation to communicate your values to your team so that everyone is on the same page.

This then brings together all six elements of the ‘Cube’ to create more successful, profitable businesses.

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