Reece Business Training Information

Please see below all the information and tools you will need to prepare for the business training for your customers and team.

Business Tools

  1. Business Training Checklist – Business Training Checklist
  2. Business Training Information for Reece Team – outcomes, who should attend, venue set up, training feedback –
    Reece Business Training Information – Module 1 and 2
  3. Customer Invites to hand out (to be sent to branch) 
    Order the invites from The Distribution Centre – see details on the Business Training Checklist
  4. Email invitation to customers – Email to Customers – Module 1Email to Customers – Module 2
  5. ‘Reece Business Training Case Study’ video– Click the image below to view the positive outcomes for the Reece business having customers attend business training








Booking Process – Reece Team Member to register their customer 

  1. Register your customer


  2. Select your regions Module and Event
  3. Complete the Web Form details 
    1. Customer Email Address – Please enter your customer’s email address
      (Note:  the system only allows one email address per company, so please register additional attendees with a different email address)  
    2. Branch– Please enter details in the following format ‘Branch number – Branch name’
    3. Customer Account No. – Please complete this for your records
    4. Multiple Registrations – if you are registering a customer for multiple training sessions, leave one minute between registrations
  4. Once registered your customer will receive registration confirmation email and will also receive follow up email & sms.
  5. An updated Attendance List will be emailed to Regional Leader every Monday and Thursday 


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 8011 4855 or 0419 013 533 or