Power Up Q&A Web Event

Welcome to the first live Q&A web event from Cube Performance.
Invitation only – just for our valued current and past clients.

Matthew Jones, Tradie, Business Performance Expert, Founder of Cube Performance and author will be your mentor on your journey to ‘Earn More, Work Less and Create a Great Life’.

Matthew presents the first of a series of live web events that answer the questions you have been dying to ask. During this series we will also have expert guest speakers, industry tips to save you money and time – and a good laugh.

Whether your question is about the program you are currently working through, about new trends, best practice, processes, new technology and innovation – here is the place to ask!

Someone else may ask a question you had not even thought of.  All of this contributes to your growth as a business person and a leader.

So, have a think about what burning question you need an answer to that will improve your business and sign on now for the first Q&A event and ‘Power Up Your Business’!


If you have any questions at all, contact us on info@cubeperformance.com.au or 02 8011 4855.