Monthly Management Review

You have completed a Cube Performance Program and implemented your budget, business development and sales pipeline.

So, what is next?  The Monthly Management Review will keep you on track with an expert business coach to mentor you and ensure you are delivering planned results.

The Monthly Management Review includes:

Strategy & Performance Review Sessions – 1 hour session per month:

  • Review previous month’s Financial Performance – ensure profit and cash flow targets are on track.
  • Review previous month’s Action Plan Deliverables – ensure processes and systems implemented are delivering the required performance.
  • Strategy and System Review
    • Sales – Business Development, Sales Pipeline, Conversion rates, Return on Investment
    • People – Recruitment and training, Induction, Performance Reviews
    • Systems – WHS, Operations, Job Management, Administration, CRM
  • Develop next Month’s Plan – clear action plan and deliverables.

Predictive Performance Alerts – ‘The CUBE Business Intelligence” software platform

  • Automatically measure your financial goals against actual performance – Real Time
  • Automatic notification highlighting what are urgent tasks – Real Time
  • Automatically syncs with accounting financial data – Real Time
  • Automatically predicts your results – Real Time

Your Requirements

  • Accounts must be reconciled for the previous month – entering of ALL invoices and purchases/bills, back reconciliation, payroll, etc.
  • If you are NOT using Xero, you must provide monthly management report for the previous month and year to date – 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting in a csv or Excel spreadsheet.
    • Actual v budget profit and loss analysis
    • Aged Receivables report
    • Balance sheet

Cost: $1,295 (inc GST) per month
(includes monthly subscription to ‘The CUBE Business Intelligence’)


Or contact us to set up your Monthly Management Review:

P: 02 8011 4855 or 1300 665 922