All tradies are the same – right?
You do a good job for a good price.

Many tradies make the mistake of attempting to stand for everything
when they first get started.
They want to do everything well and they want to be all things to all people.
They want to be known for having the highest quality products AND service
AND the lowest prices.

The problem is when you attempt to be known for everything
– you don’t become known for anything.

It is more profitable to identify your ideal client and work out what is important to THEM.
For example, if you are targeting professional couples in inner city for maintenance work, then communication would be extremely important as to this very time-poor market,
price is not as important as being professional and on time.

Your ‘USP’ or Unique Selling Proposition is what makes your business different
and stand out from the pack. When someone asks what you do you, can say
“Not only am I the best plumber in town, I am the only one to offer no call out fee
if I am more than 5 minutes late”.

Plus, a great USP will lower your cost of getting leads AND increase your conversion rate.
So, how do you develop your USP?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who is my ideal client (who do I want to work for)?
2. What does my ideal client want?
3. What does my ideal client NOT want?
4. What do I do CONSISTENTLY well – ie always clean up after job,
call 30 minutes before arrival, delivering quotes within 24 hours
5. Do I have a guarantee?

Once you have developed your USP – use it.
Use it as your ‘elevator pitch’ when someone asks what you do.
Advertise it on your website and all promotional material.

Good luck!

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