Interview with Clinton from TradiePad

In previous posts we have discussed the frustrations a lot of business owners face with feeling like they are stuck on the ‘hamster wheel’; working hard spinning on the spot but going nowhere! For a lot of frustrated business owners, often the first step to getting off the hamster wheel, and gaining control of their business, is through cleaning up their administration and paperwork.

I am speaking with Clinton Cowin, Managing Director of TradiePad, who are the experts in streamlining administration for tradies. Having streamlined hundreds of businesses across Australia, I ask Clinton how business owners can save time and save money by simply losing the paperwork.

Where Do You Start To Find Time & Save Money?

CLINTON – The starting and most important point to get right is selecting the right Business Operating Platform to be used in transferring manual paper into an automated system. This is used to manage client records, job/project information, scheduling, and staff collaboration. There’s a huge range of Job and Project Management solutions out there now that all look similar on the outside but vary widely inside. Making the wrong decision here can cost you considerable time before you discover you’ve gone down the wrong track, so don’t rush the decision.

How Do You Manage Accounting Information?

CLINTON – Financial (Accounting) Software manages the incoming and outgoing financial data and tells you if you’re making any money. Having the Business Operating Platform and the Financial Software components talking to each other is super important to help eliminate any inefficient double entry of data. In regards to the Financial Software, integration is the key. Make sure that the Business Operating Platform you’re looking at will integrate as completely as possible with the Financial Software. Look at invoicing integration along with purchasing integration. Being able to log a cost/bill against a job and have that automatically appear in your Financial Software saves massive amounts of data entry time, along with reducing manual data entry errors.

Where Do The Hundreds Of Apps Now Available Fit In?

CLINTON – Finding one Business Operating Platform that can do it all is very rare, so be prepared to use some other smaller apps to build yourself the tailored solution to exactly fit your needs. Things like form builders, photo editing, report creation, and plan management can be worked into the solution to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

How Important Is Setting Up The System Right The First Time?

CLINTON – Spending some time and money on initial training is a very valuable investment that will fast track your journey to embracing the technology, ultimately saving time and increasing profit. If you’re busy running the business don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll find the time to learn it by yourself, it just won’t happen. Having a 3rd party provide some structured training makes you commit to the cause and can help your staff manage the change a little easier as well. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be, we all know how frustrating technology can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. The very nature of cloud based solutions means that they are constantly evolving, so keeping on top of the new features, functionality and options can be a full time job.

A Few Key Things To Consider:

  1. Keep it simple. Bells and whistles are great, but sometimes it’s not worth the time it takes to use them for the overall value they provide. Don’t get sucked in by gimmicky features.
  2. Accessibility/functionality from the field. Do I need someone in the office running this thing or can I stay on the tools and run it from the road. A very important decision.
  3. Am I able to upgrade the system when my business grows in number of sales and employees?
  4. Ask an expert.


TradiePad can streamline the whole process for you. Why not contact TradiePad for a Scoping Session to evaluate what would be the best solution for YOUR business.  Either contact TradiePad direct on and mention this article or call us direct on 02 8011 4855.

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