Get real time access to Andrew Barnett’s trades. All you have to do is copy them.

Get Real Time Access To All My Trades

This ingenious method gives you the ability to trade like a world class trader, starting TODAY…
…Even if you’ve never traded in your life


Let’s Have a Look at How It Works…

I Trade.

Myself along with my team of analysts, researchers and traders do all the fundamental and technical research (you can find out more about our accolades below).

We determine the highest quality trades with the highest potential ROI and lowest risk.

I then trade these position in my own personal account.

You Copy.

I tell you EXACTLY when I am buying and selling.

You’ll know my exact orders with the entry price and the profit & loss target for every trade I take.

To make it even easier and effortless for you, I have a special App called Trade Time that gives you all the relevant info almost instantly.  

This gives you the ability to copy my trades within 2 minutes! 

Together, We Make Money. 

Copying my trades means that when I make money, you make money. But, what is even more important is risk management and capital protection.

You see, every trading strategy has losing trades. The key is to “Lose Small. Win Big”.

I risk no more than 2% of my account on each trade. I’ll show you how you can do exactly the same.

And together we both sleep well at night ?


My 2018/19 financial year to date return at 3rd May is:


return on investment

The ‘High Probability’ Trading Methodology: Higher Returns and Less Stress

The biggest mistake I see most traders make (newbies and veterans alike) is trying to take every trade.

This means being constantly glued to a screen (which defeats the idea of this being a lifestyle business). And constantly worrying about your positions.

Instead, you’ll learn a counter intuitive trading method that I call ‘The Super Setup’.

The ‘Super Setup’ Methodology goes against conventional trading wisdom of trying to take every ‘good’ trade.

Instead, we strip everything down to the barebones and wait until 4 key indicators line up exactly where we want them, resulting in a ‘great’ trade.

A trade with significantly higher probability of winning (based on our methodology) and producing excellent returns.

Does it mean less trades? Yes. A lot less. Although we are analysing thousands of data points every single day, these trades are rare and don’t appear everyday.

In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that I trade only a select number of trades each month. I take only high probability trades. And I make money!

Because you’ll be alerted when these high probability trades come along, it means A LOT less work and stress for you.

How to Find Out More

If you’d like to find out more about how the ‘Copy Me’ Trader System works, I invite you to join me for an Online Live Trading & Coaching Session.

Your first session is Free.

During the live, online session, I demonstrate exactly how the copy trader system works and how you can trade live alongside me.
I even pull back the curtains and tell you the next trade I am about to take.

These sessions run every Tuesday evening at 8.00pm AEST.


What will you discover in the Live Trading and Coaching session?

In this online class (first one is Free):

  • You will discover exactly how I make investment decisions as a private investor 

  • You will see the monthly updates of how much money I am making 

  • You will also see the monthly updates of how much money some of the investors who follow my trades are making (and in some cases losing… I’ll show you both sides)

  • You’ll see precisely how I kill the trades that aren’t working …and scale up the ones that are. 

  • You will learn the exact process used inside high level investment banks and hedge funds that I use with great success 

Here’s exactly why you should attend (aside from the fact you could make some serious money)

    1. It’s specifically for people who want to learn how to look after their own money, but find the whole thing to be complicated and overwhelming to try on their own.
    2. Instead of getting a bunch of technical crap and concepts, you’ll actually see how I trade a real account and learn how professional investors manage their own money…. successfully!!!
    3. You’ll get to see and learn how investment banks and hedge funds make tens of millions of dollars. I’ll pull back the curtain and reveal some of the systems they use and which ones are beneficial to private traders like you and I.

…And this is the important bit.

Look, I don’t think there’s any other Free training out there where someone is willing to put themselves on the line and tell you exactly what they are buying and selling and do it live in front of you. Real Trades. And that includes losing trades.

Your first live trading and coaching session with me is free, so put me to the test before you invest.

These sessions run every Tuesday evening at 8.00pm AEST. 

Get These 3 Valuable Bonuses

To help you get up and running quickly, when you register for the webinar, I’ll send you 2 special reports and a 9 part video training series on How to Become a Professional, Private Trader 

Special Report:

25 Gems for Making Money in the Markets 

Special Report:

7 Minute Workday 


Video Series: 
How to Become a Professional, Private Trader 



Never traded before?  

If you’re brand new to trading, things can seem a little overwhelming. The numbers, charts, software stop many new traders before they even get started.

That’s why, after teaching more than 4000 Australians (from all walks of life) how to trade, we’ve developed possibly the easiest to understand step by step learning system. In the live class, you’ll see exactly how we help new traders get started.


How much do you need to get started trading?

You can start trading with as little are $250 in your account.

Where did I learn to trade?

After learning from several mentor and successfully trading for many years, I decided I wanted to take our returns to a whole new level, so I went on a headhunting mission  and hired a team of high level traders to come and work directly with myself.

Traders who’ve traded tens of millions of dollars for investment banks that include: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, BNP Baribas, Commonwealth Bank & Cantor Fitzgerald.

These traders are responsible for obscene amounts of money and have delicate insights into the workings of the markets.

Working alongside traders like this, we continue to develop and refine our trading systems and processes.

Some Of Our Client’s Stories…

See What Our Clients Are Saying…

About Andrew Barnett

Andrew Barnett is a professional Forex trader and founder of LTG GoldRock. Over the last 10 years, he has trained, mentored and guided over 3,500 ordinary (and some well known) Australians how to trade.

Highly regarded among his peers, he was the host of Australia’s only dedicated currency program ‘Money Exchange’ on Sky Business Channel.

Andrew holds a Diploma in Financial Services and is an authorised representative, registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

His focus is to maximise daily trading profit, minimise risk, plus-most importantly-enjoy time for family, friends, and his favourite hobbies. 

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