Impact Program

The Impact Program is designed to provide YOU, the business leader, with the CONFIDENCE to build a SUSTAINABLE, PROFITABLE FUTURE

Have you, as a trade business owner, asked yourself any of these questions?

  • What should I charge?
  • Which type of work is most profitable?
  • Can I afford to hire another tradesman?
  • How can I work less and earn more?
  • How can I stop the business from controlling my life?
  • Is this business worth all the trouble?

The Impact Program answers these questions that will provide you with the CONFIDENCE to build a better future

We believe that the SOLE duty of every trade business owner is to create a business that serves YOU through the generation of profit and lifestyle.

The reason most tradie businesses fail is due to lack of planning, lack of financial awareness and limited managerial experience.

Matt BAListen to Matt talk about the ‘tradie mindset’ and what you can achieve in the Impact Program

We have developed the Impact Program and THE CUBE ‘Business Intelligence’ to allow trade business owners to make educated business decisions that guarantee profit and lifestyle.

How do we do this?

Our Impact Program  process has been developed over the past 10 years through working with and training thousands of tradie business owners.

At Cube Performance, our philosophy is that to operate a successful business you must 100% understand your financial numbers.

Most business owners think that to get ahead they need to sell more and deliver more, so they say ‘Yes’ to all jobs.
This is what we term ‘growing broke’ due to the fact the owner is busy wearing many hats within the business and can’t control and/or manage their costs, or team productivity.
In this scenario, the owner has essentially no time to review their financial numbers which clearly illuminate the fact that there’s more money going out than coming in.

Rather than ramping up sales and  marketing, the business owner must first understand and work toward their desired profit goal (return on their investment).
From this point, the owner can work backwards to calculate clear goals relating to type of work, number of jobs and at what price required to deliver correct profit margins.
This process provides the owner a clear profile of the type of client the sales and  marketing activity must communicate with, but more importantly, this knowledge gives the business owner the confidence the say ‘No’ to those clients which will ultimately cost them money.

To be successful at business, you must focus on your key financial numbers everyday and never assume that you’re on the right track.
In order to achieve your business goals, you must absolutely know that you’re on the right track.

What is The Impact Program Process:

Process 1 – Planning for Profit. Identify where your business is right now including your personal goals and business objectives for the next 12 months and 3 years.

Process 2 – Developing your ‘Financial Scorecard’. Your 12 month profit goal, charge out rates that guarantee profit, understand your investment required, and manage your cash flow to achieve your goals.

Process 3 – THE CUBE ‘Business Intelligence‘.

We use a software app developed by Cube Performance that collects real time financial and job information in order to predict future performance and success.
THE CUBE ‘Business Intelligence’ immediately notifies you when there are problems with pricing; margins, cash flow and sales pipeline targets.
With traditional reporting, you receive this important information often days, weeks, or months too late.
THE CUBE ‘Business Intelligence’ identifies the exact potential problem before said problem negatively impacts the business; it’s this level of intellectual alertness that allows you to make immediate and positive change.

Process 4 – Developing your Brand.  Using our Brand Plan you will develop your values, your vision for your business, why you are different and the qualities of your ideal client.

Process 5 – Developing your Brand Action Plan. What do you need to do to achieve your brand goals in the next 90 days.

Process 6 – Communicating your Brand and Values. We work with you to develop a communication strategy to educate your current and prospective clients of the value that you offer.

Process 7 – Attracting and retaining a Winning Team. We set up your complete People Systems including a Company Handbook outlining your company values to be communicated to your current team and new employees so that you can recruit, induct, train and retain the right people to build your team.

Process 8 – Business Development. We work with you to set up your sales pipeline to ensure that you are in control of upcoming quotes, leads and referrals for the next 12 months and track your marketing activity.

Process 9 – Ongoing financial management and sales pipeline reporting and mentoring.  Once all your systems are in place, we keep you on track with your goals.  THE CUBE ‘Business Intelligence’ will alert you to upcoming issues, but we can assist in developing additional strategies, advice and mentoring.

How is the Impact Program process delivered

  1. 2 x Coaching Sessions per month – you will work with your expert tradie coaches, with a wealth of managerial experience, to guide and support you through the changes that you will need to make.
  2. Unlimited office phone and email support.
  3. Online – this program is entirely online using your tailored membership site with one on one consulting, meaning that you can be in the office, onsite or even on holidays and be able to complete your program.
  4. Length of program – this program runs for a minimum of 4 months, depending on your priorities and completion of course work.

Your Investment is $1,295 per month
No lock in period.
Satisfaction guaranteed*


(*subject to Terms and Conditions – CLICK HERE)

Success stories

Listen to one of our clients who had the same problems in their business!

Encano Plumbing

“The Impact Program has given us clear focus and total control over our finances giving us
a 200% increase in turnover and 30% in profit over 12 months.”

Rob Baker from Encano Plumbing





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