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This post is brought to you from Matt Jones of Tradie Web Guys who specialise in online marketing (see below for more info on Matt).


May 2016 is the deadline.

On April 21 2015, Google released an algorithm update that gave preference to all mobile friendly websites against non-mobile friendly websites, when the search is conducted on a mobile device.

This was a huge update for tradies and contractors, especially those that operated an emergency service because obviously if you have an overflowing sewer, you’re not going to wait until you get home to use your computer to find a plumber, you’re jumping on your phone immediately to find one.

Google recently announced that at the beginning of May 2016, they’ll be strengthening that signal, which sends a strong message to the marketplace.

If you’re not mobile friendly, you’re out of the race!

Google are moving in this direction because of the increasing trend towards mobile devices like phones and tablets. With more and more people taking to them, Google wants to ensure that the user experience is good, regardless of the device.

This update will have a huge affect on a lot of companies, so to find out if your website is mobile friendly CLICK HERE.


Matt Jones from Tradie Web Guys and The Site Shed.

We’ve asked Matt if he’d add value to the Cube Consulting community with his knowledge and expertise in the digital space.

As a former plumber, Matt always had a vision of one day being able to give back to his industry. He dreamed of finding a way that he could somehow leave a legacy that positively adds value to business across the globe.

As the director of Tradie Web Guys, Matt works with companies to help them build a solid online platform, that forms the foundation of their modern business. 

As the director of The Site Shed and the facilitator of The Site Shed Podcast, Matt has been able to create an education vehicle that brings trade related business tools and resources into a single place for the benefit of the global trade community.



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