How to ask for and get a great Testimonial?

First of all, why should you be collecting testimonials?
Everyone knows you do a good job because you are always busy – right?

Even the best tradies in the world sometimes don’t think to get
structured feedback OR don’t feel comfortable asking for a testimonial.
You do a great job for a client, go over and beyond the scope of the job
and the client is more than happy. You feel great and walk away.

You can use testimonials to show prospective clients that you are reliable
and do a great job – and creates trust when the prospective client does not
know you. It is the next best thing to a direct referral.

You can use testimonials on your website, social media, advertising, proposals and flyers.
The trick is to ask for feedback not a testimonial.

When a job is completed to a client’s full satisfaction:

1. Verbally ask if they would be willing to give you feedback.

2. If yes, send them a template email you use
for all follow ups asking specific questions.

3. Review the client’s feedback objectively
(and make any relevant changes).

4. Compile a testimonial using their exact words.

5. Email back to client thanking them for feedback
and ask for approval (or edits).

6. Ask permission to use their name and business
and let them know where you will be using the testimonial
(some clients may be happy to have their testimonial on an
individual proposal, but not on a website).

7. Include a photograph of the job if relevant.

8. Post the testimonial.

If the client has made suggestions for improvement, be sure to let them
know that you have resolved or working on the issue.

Good luck!

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