Recently we discussed the steps and processes how business leaders can build a champion team in 2016 (click here for the blog).

Now we are going to dig deeper and discuss how you must build your teams confidence in your leadership ability. It is one thing having a great team on board, it is another thing to actually have the team inspired and operating at a consistently high level.

Great leadership comes from the confidence gained through having a clear vision, a structured plan how to achieve the vision, and an unwavering belief that the vision will be achieved. Great leaders confidently communicate their belief and vision at every opportunity, inspiring their team to perform at a high level every day.

At Cube Consulting we have achieved great success in developing once timid business owners, into confident, successful leaders through defining and communicating the following.

1. Vision – Get Excited

You cannot lead if you do not have a vision.

What is your vision? What is your long term goal for your business?

Think about what would inspire you to get excited about your business; for example become the known expert in your chosen field or be the preferred supplier in your Region/State/Australia? Put simply, your vision must inspire and excite both you and your team to strive for improvement on a daily basis. Great teams want to be challenged in order to achieve great things.

Note, if people do not question your vision then it is probably not big enough!

2. Purpose – Your WHY

Your purpose, or your why, is what gets you and your team out of bed every morning.

Your purpose provides your team with a clear understanding of why their role is important.

Having a purpose; for example, like providing your customers with peace of mind or delivering the best solutions; focuses your team on what is important. It goes beyond just getting the job done, it reinforces why your ‘ideal customers’ choose you over your competitors.

As the leader you must clearly define and communicate your purpose to all team members, clients and partners.

3. Values – The Way We Do It Here

To achieve your vision and deliver on your purpose, you and your team must operate within clearly defined boundaries.

These relate to your non-negotiable values that clearly demonstrates the ‘way we do it here’! Your values are the heartbeat of your business that dictates required behaviours on a day to day basis. Values such as always accept responsibility and always look for solutions, provides the business leader with the structure to effectively manage individual and team performance.

To achieve ‘buy-in’ from your team ask for input when developing your values. This will result in your team taking ownership of the values, empowering them to make decisions based on the ‘way we do it here’.

Take Away – How To Become A Great Leader:
As a business leader your aim is not to do business with everyone – your aim is to do business with people (team, clients, and partners) who believe what you believe! If people do not believe in what you believe then they will NOT be inspired by you!

Implement the following to build your confidence in order to become a great leader:
1. Define your VISION – where do you want to go.
2. Define your PURPOSE – why you do what you do.
3. Develop your VALUES – the way we do it here.
4. Communicate this DAILY – practice, practice, practice.





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