I hope you are ready for the opportunities that await you in 2016? Now that you have had a chance to reflect on your performance from last year, it is time to assess your 2016 goals. As the business owner, leader, and coach, it is your priority to ensure you have the right team on-board that will guarantee success this year. Building a champion team; those teams that are inspired to work together in order to achieve a common goal; is developed from doing a lot of simple things well every day.

As the business leader wanting to build your champion team in 2016, I recommend you start by implementing systems and processes that will deliver improvements in the following key areas.

Provide Clear Expectations and Responsibilities

If you currently do not have the required talent on your team you need to attract the talent. First step in attracting and retaining talent is to set up your ‘People System’ that clearly communicates your expectations, responsibilities, and potential growth opportunities for the right candidate. People Systems MUST include;

  1. Employment Agreement – legislative requirements,
  2. Remuneration Schedule – individual remuneration structure,
  3. Function Role – areas of responsibility and key performance indicators, and
  4. Company Handbook – ‘the way it is done here’ non-negotiable.

You must demonstrate that you have invested in a support system that will increase the individual’s chance of success within the role.

Inspire Your Team

Your ‘Number 1’ asset and resource are your team members. Their motivation and energy levels will determine if your business is successful long term. Individuals are ‘inspired’ and ‘motivated’ to work for businesses that;

  1. Provide Autonomy (opportunity to take ownership with no micromanagement),
  2. Provide Mastery (opportunity to build skills and knowledge), and
  3. Provide Purpose (a strong ‘why’ we do what we do).

Conduct Great Conversations – Know Your Team

Successful business leaders understand the importance of inspiring and growing each individual on the team through conducting great ‘one on one’ conversations. It is very important to know each individual on a personal level which shows that you care about them as a person. This results in greater loyalty, engagement, and ultimately better performance.

Create Rhythm – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Successful organisations are based on working to regular ‘rhythms’ that provide team members with certainty and consistency within their roles. Everything is planned in advance and everyone knows where they stand. When teams are experiencing a lot of change people can feel insecure about their role moving forward. Now is the time to develop regular rhythm throughout the business through;

  1. Regular meetings to review key actions and information sharing,
  2. Regular individual performance conversations and measurement of key performance indicators, and
  3. Conducting this consistently on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis.

 Bring Your ‘A-Game’ Always

As the business leader you must always lead by example and set the culture of the organisation. Great leaders always bring ‘high positive energy’ to the team, are always ‘prepared and organized’, and importantly are ‘focused and confident’. To create a great business that will build and retain a great champion team you MUST always bring your ‘A-Game’.

Take Away – To Build a Champion Team:

  1. Implement your people system.
  2. Inspire and grow your team members by getting to know them.
  3. Develop consistent rhythm.
  4. Bring your ‘A-Game’ every day.



Matt Jones


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