Power Up Program

Empowering tradie business owners to ‘Earn More, Work Less and Create a Great Life’!

Most business owners are struggling on a day to day basis to get ahead because:

  • They say ‘yes’ to customers who waste their time
  • They undervalue the service that they deliver and therefore undercharge
  • They are in constant ‘firefighting’ mode where everything is urgent
  • They are unsure how to increase their profitability
  • They cannot effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to other team members

What does ‘Earn More, Work Less and Create a Great Life’ mean?

Over the past 10 years through working with, and training over 5,000 tradie business owners, ‘Earn More, Work Less and Create a Great Life’ means:

  • Being able to pay off your home mortgage faster
  • Being able to travel overseas with your family and still generate profit from your business
  • Not working weekends
  • Being able to walk through the door and forget about work
  • Providing a lifestyle of choice for your family
  • Creating a business that can thrive without you
  • Being able to sleep with peace of mind knowing that you are making the right choices for your family’s future


Listen to how the ‘Power Up Program’
can transform your business – click image below:

Peter Hill from Hills Electrical & Wiring

What is the ‘Power Up Program’ Process?

Step 1 – Prepare for Success
Change thinking to how you view and approach business – think business owner first

Step 2 – Knowing Your Numbers
Use your financial numbers (data) to drive educated decision making to ensure you earn more, work less – no more guessing.
We use The CUBE Business Intelligence software platform – see below

Step 3 – Dominate Your Market
Set your business apart from your competitors – positioned as the ‘go-to’ market experts

Step 4 – Attract ‘A-Class’ clients – Educate your Customer
Communicate why you are the experts to assist your customer to make an educated buying decision – accelerate profitable sales

Step 5 – Attract Great Team Members – Power Up Your Team
Empower the team to deliver the ‘Way We Do It Here’ – create a high performing team

Step 6 – Automate to Delegate
Map all business process – define all required tasks and role accountability

Step 7 – Set Up Your Performance Scoreboard
Provide 100% financial transparency – measure & track actual performance against projected goals

Step 8 – Implement Profit Performance Driver Processes
Implement Blueprint for Success process – productivity tracking, sales pipeline planning, cash flow forecasting

Step 9 – Guarantee Results
Monthly performance analysis – cash flow, profit, sales, productivity

Step 10 – Attract Great Partners – Leverage Expertise
Identify industry partners – pitch your vision to develop win-win partnerships

What is the ‘Power Up Program’ structure?

  1. 1 x Coaching Session – 1:1 (monthly – online)
    You will work with an expert tradie coach, who will guide and support you through your journey of business transformation.
  2. 1 x Mentoring Session – group (monthly – online)
    Live group online mentoring session with Matthew Jones
  3. Program delivery
    Program systems, processes, templates and documentation will be delivered via your personalised ‘Membership Site’ and ‘The CUBE Business Intelligence’ platform.
  4. Membership to The CUBE Business Intelligence platform
    This software platform developed by Cube Performance improves your business profitability and productivity through connecting ALL of your business data. You will receive real time notification relating to your financial performance.
  5. Live Support Line 9-5pm
  6. Resource Library
  7. Online community
    facebook group page for shared learnings and questions
  8. Your Investment
    $1,599 per month (ex gst) – minimum 3 months

Next Steps

CONTACT US on:  02 8011 4855 or 1300 665 922 or info@cubeperformance.com.au