We had a client say the other day “We are so glad we found your online coaching.  We knew we needed help but did not know where to go for assistance. We asked our accountant and he referred me to a financial advisor”.

So, like our client, you have decided that you need some assistance in getting your business to the next level.  You like the sound of online coaching but  what do you look for and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

There are four types of online business training – workshops, programs, group coaching and personalised coaching.  The type of training you select will depend on how you learn and how much time and money you have to invest.

Online Workshops

The obvious benefit is that they can be relatively inexpensive.  The disadvantage of online workshops is that you do not receive one on one assistance for YOUR business as the information is generic.

Online Program

Usually these programs are delivered on a monthly basis and deliver instructions and tools to your inbox.
The advantages are once again a cost savings – usually midway between a standalone workshop and personal coaching.  However, the main advantage is that you can complete the course work at any time that suits you.  The disadvantages are that there is usually limited support and many of the programs are developed outside Australia.

Group Coaching (Webinar)

Group Coaching is becoming more popular where an online program adds live webinars to enable you to ask questions.  It adds another dimension to the online program and is the next best thing to having a personal coach.  Other ‘guest’ experts in their field are also usually invited to a webinar to bring their expertise to the program. However, ensure that the webinars are held in your time zone (not 10am in Arizona and 2am your time!) and that they are recorded for later reference.

Personal Coaching Online

This is increasingly the most favoured method of coaching and training as this brings the benefits of one on one coaching with the time and cost saving of online coaching.

Advantages are:

  • Utilising technology with skype, conferencing and shared screens, you get the benefits of personal coaching with an expert focussed on YOUR business
  • You can complete your course work at a time that suits you
  • You can meet at a time that suits yourself and your coach (no travelling time)
  • You can have your partner ‘patched’ in to the call, so they can be in a different location, but still hear the discussion and outcome of the call.
  • You develop a personal relationship with your coach
  • You work with the very best experts in their field, irrespective of geographic location
  • Your documents and course work are held online which means that you can work on your documents and tasks anywhere you have an internet connection, rather than being tied to your desk.

Disadvantages:  There are very few disadvantages – personal online coaching will obviously be more expensive than an online program as the coaching is personalised with the goal to increase profitability for YOUR business, however, will be less expensive than face to face coaching.

For more information on how our Impact Coaching program see below.

Our Impact Coaching is a personal online coaching program that will increase your productivity, increase your profits, improve relationships with colleagues, managers, clients and staff, improve the number and type of your clients and much more.

The program offers

  • EXPERTISE – expert tradie business coaches who meet with you fortnightly
  • SUPPORT – follow up calls between sessions and reminders so you get the most out of your program
  • TECHNOLOGY – your membership site is held ‘in the cloud’ – not documents emailed to you each month
  • LOCAL KNOWLEDGE – our business tools and programs are developed in Australia 

For more information on our Impact Coaching Program CLICK HERE
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