How did you originally set your pricing for your business?

Did you base it off what other tradies in your area were charging?
Do you feel that you are working long hours, however, still struggling to get ahead financially?

The number one reason for business failure is due to incorrect pricing. For a lot of tradies, little thought goes into the calculation of their pricing or charge out rates. This means the business owner is guessing, or in other words, gambling their investment in the business. Incorrect pricing negatively impacts your profitability and cash flow, as well as increases the number of hours you have to work.

Calculate your charge out rates with the ‘end in mind’ and ask yourself the following four key questions:

  1. How many hours a week do I want to work?
  1. How many productive, or billable hours will each employee generate for the next 12 months (taking into account lost hours for annual leave, travel, meetings and lost time?).
  1. How much profit do I want to make over the next 12months?
  1. What is the overhead expense required to conduct my business for the next 12 months (non-income earning staff/office/vehicle/insurance/marketing).

Let’s Calculate… 

What are your paid hours per week and actual billable hours per year?

Hours per week 40 Paid 40 hours for 52 weeks = 2,080 paid hours annually
Bill – billable hours  1,232  Less Leave, Holidays, Travel, Meetings, Lost Time, Admin
Ben – billable hours 1,232  Less Leave, Holidays, Travel, Meetings, Lost Time, Admin


What are the numbers?

Bill $67,954  Income earning staff (Including superannuation)
Ben $47,079 Income earning staff (Including superannuation)
Net Profit $100,000 Target Before Tax
Overhead Expenses $78,860 Non income earning staff, office, vehicles, insurance, equipment, marketing, professional services
Total $293,893 This is the amount required to be charged out in labour


The required hourly charge out rate…

Bill $140.92  Hourly charge out
Ben $97.63 Hourly charge out


The proof…

Bill $140.92 x 1,232 hours = $173,613 Labour income generated
Ben $97.63 x 1,232 hours = $120,280 Labour income generated
Total $293,893


Final point: your take away:

  1. Ask yourself the four key questions.
  2. Calculate your hourly charge out rates per employee.





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